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Edvog Explorer Game

Play A Casual Video Game Like No Other - An Amazing Indie Game by Edvog. A special third-person camera view. Original levels and good graphics for a smooth gameplay. No violence or stress, a game for all ages.

About Edvog Explorer Game:

Edvog Explorer Game is a third-person single-player video game developed by Edvog.com / Andrei Ionita for Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit). In the game, the player directs the Edvog space ship through levels, collecting golden balls in a limited period of time. The game features 3D graphics, set into a space environment. In the Microsoft Windows version of the game the player needs to collect 100 golden balls in different time periods depending on the level. The game has in total seven levels with an approximate time period to complete the game of half an hour (if you finish all the levels in time).

Key Bindings:

This game is made to be played with a mouse and a keyboard. Game inputs: Move Forward - W, Move Backwards - S, Move Left - A, Move Right - D, Fire - Left Mouse Button, Pause - P.

Is this game like most casual games, where everything is easy?

I don't think so, for some the game may seem easy and for some very hard, all depends on your skills and gaming level. To me this game provides a medium level of difficulty, just the right amount to be entertaining for everyone.

What's the status of the game and what’s planned for it?

The game is completed and should run without major bugs. The game was tested on multiple PC's, laptops and notebooks, that run Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit), everything seems perfect. I do not plan to update the game unless is something really wrong with it. To answer the question "What's planned for the game in the near future?" Until January 2018 I want to release the Android version of the game.

Do I need prerequisite to run the game?

If you need any prerequisite, don't worry they are build into the installer.

What are the differences between the demo version and the actual game?

In the demo version of the game you will be able to play only one level in which you need to collect 30 golden balls in 2 minutes. Tips for good graphics: Do not install the 32 bit version on Windows 64 bit version. The demo version is not representative of the final product.

Minimum specs to run the game:

OS Version Windows Vista and above, DirectX 11 or 10.

Recommended specs to run the game:

OS Version Windows 10 with the latest service pack installed, DirectX 11 or 10.

Advice for good graphics:

Do not install the 32 bit version on Windows 64 bit version.

Edvog Explorer Game Videos:

Edvog Explorer Windows Gameplay Montage All Levels

Edvog Explorer Short Gameplay Actual Sound Windows PC


Edvog Explorer - A game created by Andrei Ionita owner of Edvog.com

Edvog Explorer Team - Producer, Developer, Designer, Artist, Programmer, Level designer, Sound engineer: Andrei Ionita (a team of one). What software did you use? I made this game in Unreal Engine 4, I also used some open source software, such as: Blender, Gimp and Audacity. The sound and sound effects are downloaded under CC0 from freesound.org For more information please contact Andrei Ionita using edvog.com contact page.

Visit us: edvog.com/2017/10/explorer-game.html

Check out the Android Version: edvog.com/2017/10/explorer-mobile-game.html

Buy the Edvog Explorer Mobile Game (Android) on Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Edvog.Project&hl=en


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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